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unde omnis iste natus

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Hi, I’m Jacqueline!

I am the founder of Vibrational Energy Solutions, which began in 2007. It is my insatiable curiosity that led me to the field of energetic and holistic work almost 20 years ago, and it has been an incredible journey of awakening!

It is my profound love of nature, science, spirituality (yes, they can co-exist) and humanity that inspired my momentum on this path. I have been certified in numerous modalities. My journey began on one fateful weekend in 2002 when my world opened up and I began my exploration into Reiki, ultimately becoming a Reiki Master Practitioner in 2003 (Usui lineage). Though that was only the beginning. Once tapping into the pulse of energy, it expanded my desire to learn more, and I have been seeking and integrating with it ever since.


Profound Healing Experience

Jacqueline is an instrument of the Divine. My session with her took me directly into the angelic realm, connecting with loved ones who had departed the earthly plane. It was a profound healing experience that still resonates deeply for me.

Michelle Grimm

Allows people to live fully

Jacqueline is an amazing coach. She sees to the inner workings of an individual and what is holding him/her back. She helps to unfold the layers to bring emotional and physical healing. It is her intuitive ways backed with biofeedback and knowledge of healing techniques that allows people to live fully.

Donna Cornelius

Where you want to be

Jacqueline is an amazing transformational and life coach. She has the ability to move you from where you are to where you want to be, with unique techniques that are not found or used in this industry! There are many transformational coaches out there, but Jacqueline Bambenek is the one you get to work with for results you are looking for!

Lorna Sherland

A stand for me, for love & light

Thanks to my work with Jacqueline over the past year & a half, I have learned what it means to love myself & how to let others—yesssss, including men!!!—love me, to feel worthy of love & how to be love. Yessss, I have done the work, but I couldn’t have done it without her powerful love & support, without her holding me like a mama lion holds her cub, without keeping my feet gently but insistently in the fire, without knowing how & when to stretch me, without her tough love wrapped in velvet, without her commitment to me & to bringing more light into the world. I am & will always be sooooooo grateful for Jacqueline coming into my life & for being a stand for me, for love & light.

Jaimie Epstein

I felt my resistance melting away

Jacqueline totally created a SAFE space from the very beginning, throughout & especially at the end for me to share (I'm NOT one to express my feelings or emotions to people, just keep it between myself & God) But when Jacqueline asked for sharing... I felt my resistance melting away & (shockingly) opened up about an episode from when I was young girl & how I felt I had held onto for soooo long & how during the session I felt the emotions open up & release.

So Worth It!

I enjoyed the grounding Meditation, loved the Breathwork, although painful to start, the release was so worth it. Jacqueline’s soothing manner was amazing . She has a gift.

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