I recently experienced the raindrop technique with Jackie and found it to be very soothing. Jackie has a calm demeanor and a very gentle touch.

As my session progressed, my body became increasingly relaxed. I have a back problem, which causes nerve pain and numbness in one of my feet. The toes of the affected foot have recently been reflexively curling under and I have cramps in the leg. I have had extensive physical therapy and epidural steroid injections in my back. While these have been helpful, I am continuing to experience discomfort. Jackie employs aromatherapy, which enhances her technique. The gentle drops of oil on my feet and back are very cooling.

After the session, in addition to feeling very relaxed, my neck and back felt as if they were more in alignment and much less tense. Amazingly, the toes on my foot straightened and the pain was greatly lessened. I believe a healing process may have begun.

Marsha Woods Janesville, WI

I highly recommend Jackie Bambenek as a qualified and compassionate biofeedback practitioner. She truly has a heart for helping, empowering and sharing her knowledge with others.

The biofeedback unit she uses, the EPFX is a registered FDA medical device. I have seen it work well for insomnia, pain, and anxiety. It is an advanced, sensitive and multifaceted tool. Jackie is persistent and dedicated to helping people live energetically balanced and healthier lives.

Dr. Kristen Ude, DC Integrated Chiropractic Wellness, Austin, TX