Stressors impact us on a deeper level than most people are aware of. Often in ways that can impact our mental and physical well-being. This most often occurs gradually, over a prolonged period of time. It impacts our lives in many ways. Many that you may have not considered before.

What Is Stress?

Stress is an applied force or system of forces that tends to strain or deform the body. Mental or emotional pressure. To subject to pressure or strain.

Source: Webster's Dictionary

Stress is any perceived mental or physical tension that results from exposure to environmental, physical, mental, emotional, or chemical causes.

The first line of defense for stress is awareness.

Learning to Identify Stressors

Today's world has an excess of chemical toxins, some of which mimic hormones. Combine this with emotional tension and the rush of everyday life and we have overload.

Stress is a part of life. By learning to identify your stressors, you can begin to take control of some stress-causing circumstances and lifestyles.

Gaining awareness of your stressors, you can better take care of yourself physically and emotionally. Through this awareness it allows us to make healthier choices in a conscious manner that will bring greater levels of enjoyment and assist in living life more fully.

Managing and Reducing Stress

The benefits of managing and reducing stress can be enormous. Assisting your body by reducing stress, allows your body to do what it was designed to do, which is repair itself and maintain your health.

The human body is designed to heal itself. The body is amazing when you consider the thousands of functions it performs on a minute to minute, even second to second basis.

Love your body! No matter what it looks like, or what challenges you are currently going through. Be kind to yourself.

Given the proper tools - including proper diet, drinking plenty of water, and good sleeping habits, exercise, it is amazing what the body can accomplish on it's own.

What movement can you incorporate today that you and your body enjoy? Is it playing a little music and moving to it? Bodies love to move! Is that hiking, swimming, biking, walking the dog, jumping on a trampoline? The key is finding something that brings you joy.

Stress can lead us to reach for quick fixes to trick the body in the short term that life is more manageable. This could include alcohol, drugs, sugar, and foods that provide us with a level of comfort.

This short term 'fix' will never make us feel better in the long term and leads to addiction problems. Only by dealing with our reaction to stressors can we be free from their hold on us. We are here to help.

There are many issues, even some serious dis-eases and conditions, linked to components of stress. The AMA has admitted that stress is a contributing factor in many illnesses, including some infectious diseases.

If you are experiencing challenges with your health, I highly recommend watching the documentary 'Heal' on Netflix, or YouTube. The body has wonderful capacities that are often disregarded.

Another documentary series that I highly recommend is through iThrive! Follow the remarkable journey of Jon, who is challenged by a diabetes diagnosis to rejuvenate his body. Find it here:

I wonder what amazing possibilities your body has the capacity to create? Life is meant to be enjoyed!