Meet Jacqueline

Have you ever had to find the inner strength to motivate yourself to continue moving forward?

Climbing this rock reminds me of my own personal journey. (This pic was taken around 2010.) The feelings of the experience still fresh in my mind. Taking those first steps took a lot of courage and inner strength.

The climb simulated a lot of my own personal experience and growth. It actually felt so intense at the time, that it was almost like giving birth.

There was a need to take personal responsibility
for my continued momentum, much as there is in life.

It is my passion to assist my clients by offering
a sacred space of honoring, listening and understanding to their open hearts and meeting them where they are at.

I feel confident that within each of us awaits our own answers to the questions and challenges that we face.

Sometimes the climbs get a little higher. It may take a little more effort to reach the summit. The view can be really beautiful when we take a moment to shift our perspective and enjoy the journey of how far we have come.

Know that you are never alone. Who can you reach out to? A trusted friend, family member, pastor, a coach? Yourself? God, prayer? There is a reserve of power within you. If you doubt what I am saying, go to the mirror and look yourself in the eye. (a 20 second deep look)

Connect with the soul that resides within you. The love, the joy, the pain, it is all right there - sometimes hiding. One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is to connect with your own heart. Go do it now. Say 'I love you' - to that beautiful being that is 'you'. You are worth every ounce of love that you give to others. How often do we fill up our own reserves?

How can we possibly give to others when we are running on 'empty'? It is time to fill up your cup, and give from your overflow of your saucer. What can you do today to empower you to feel better?

How do you connect with your inner peace? Through nature, a hike, skiing, kayaking, love from pets, a bath, cooking, dancing, being with friends, music, a book, writing, painting, other creative arts? When was the last time you took time for you?