Holistic Therapies

“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ― Nikola Tesla

At Vibrational Energy Solutions, we offer a variety of holistic techniques to help you feel your best.

Our main goal is to be an effective facilitator, because the improvements in your health ultimately come from within yourself.

Services offered through Vibrational Energy Solutions are considered complementary and holistic, and are not a substitute for proper medical care.

Our main goals are to reduce stress and create awareness, allowing the body to find it's own rhythm and balance.

Jacqueline Bambenek is not a licensed medical professional, chiropractor, counselor, medical doctor, psychotherapist, psychologist, nurse, nutritionist, massage therapist, physical therapist, dietician or veterinarian, and does not portray herself as such.

We do not treat, diagnose, evaluate, cure, prescribe, offer medical advice, or prevent any medical, nutritional, mental, emotional or psychological disorder, disease or condition of any kind.

If you have a health problem, you should first consult your family health practitioner. It is the client's responsibility to continue any medications and remain under the care of their primary physician.

Services Include:

Jacqueline Bambenek has received extensive training and certifications in numerous modalities. It has been her love and passion to continue to seek to put the 'energetic pieces' together.

Her training has included Attunement (which focuses on the endocrine system), Spiritual Health Coaching, Ersdal Zone Therapy (which focuses on the signaling system of the autonomic nervous and organ systems), Reiki Master Level Practitioner (body's energy and chakra system), Reconnective Healing (energy body), Access Consciousness Bars - Facelift - and Body Processes, Biofeedback training (subtle vibrational energetics/frequencies), hypnosis training (mind/body connection), aromatherapy training with essential oils, training with liquid nutraceuticals, and natural aloe vera based skin care consultant.

Access Bars:

Access Bars are designed to create more consciousness for you, your body and the planet. They are 32 points on your head which are lightly touched to create ease in different areas of your life.

This dynamic and gentle hands-on body process has assisted thousands of people to change many aspects of their body and their life such as insomnia, body aches, depression, stress, addictions, labels & disabilities and much more. What could change for you?

Access Energetic Facelift:

The Access Energetic Facelift is a wonderful way to rejuvenate the face and reverse the appearance of aging on the face and creates similar effects throughout the body.

Biofeedback Services:

Biofeedback training is used for relaxation and muscle re-education. This allows the client to reduce their stress level, manage their pain, and to improve the quality of their life.

Biofeedback is run on the premise that everything is energy and has its own unique vibrational frequency. Balancing frequencies are sent to the body through EEG electrodes.

Biofeedback empowers people with the ability to use specific reactive signals from their own body to positively impact and enhance the way they live.

Biofeedback is a service that allows the client to become more aware of internal and external stressors that may be affecting their current state of being.

I personally have found biofeedback work to be a very spiritual experience. It has helped me immensely in expanding my own level of awareness. There are many applications that can be utilized within the biofeedback system.

Comfort care is available to those who are home bound and on hospice. Creating loving support during the transitional period of end of life and being present holding sacred space of honoring the soul's journey can be welcoming and transformational. Grace and ease in transition at the end of life can be a beautiful contribution.

Ersdal Zone Therapy:

An alternative, holistic modality that is based on anatomy, physiology, immunbiology and pathology. Zone therapy encourages the body's own healing process by normalizing body functions. Focusing once again on reducing stress within the body.

Zone Therapy utilizes the ten zones within the body to activate the body's defense systems. The practitioner triggers specific points within the foot and this sends a signal to the corresponding organ, muscle, artery, or tissue area, through a reflex arc, and up the spinal cord to the brain. Through the autonomic nervous system, corrective signals are sent to the corresponding parts of the body.

The focus of Zone Therapy is that it covers the individual in the Entirety, as a whole person. A sickness or disease involves not only part of the body where the symptoms are located, but an imbalance of the whole. This is the theory that Ersdal Zone Therapy is based on.

Developed by Charles Ersdal, a Medical Doctor from Norway after he was returned to his feet from paralysis using these techniques. His research detailed documentation of thousands of case histories.

Dr. Ersdal developed valuable information and knowledge about how the innate signal system works and how it can be used in this therapy with remarkable success. The Center for Alternative Medicine in Kristiansand, Norway states that Dr. Ersdal founded became famous not only in Europe but throughout the world.

The origin of this technique was in reflexology. But Dr. Ersdal found it to be more of a signal system rather than a reflex system. It is an advanced technique from traditional reflexology.

A Zone Therapy Session lasts approximately 50 minutes. When an area (organ, muscle, function or system) is out of balance, there may be a bit of temporary discomfort while the signal is being triggered.

As the body returns this area to balance, the discomfort will no longer be felt in successive treatments. This allows the client the opportunity to identify the imbalances and choose to assist his or her own body in the healing process. Proper diet choices and supplementation are an example of how one might assist the healing process.

The body has its own agenda for healing, and results will vary depending on the individual client. Symptoms are usually relieved, but the body is in a constant state of change.

Zone Therapy is not a quick fix and should be considered as part of your routine to ensure good health. Your feet will be your guide to monitor your level of improvement. This is usually 2-4 weeks apart. Most clients are quite aware of the need for their next session.

Ersdal Zone Therapy is not for those with the following conditions: old style pacemaker installed, pregnancy, schrapnel, breast implants, organ transplants, embolism, chemo-therapy in the past 5 years, radiation (ever), or kidney failure.

If you would like to incorporate essential oils into your session, please add 15 minutes to the session time to evaluate which oils would be best for you at the time of service.

Aromatherapy Consultation and Energetic Relaxation:

An aromatherapy consultation offers you an opportunity to discover essential oils which offer the body support to assist in bringing the body, mind and spirit back into balance.

We then look up the emotional meanings to each of these oils and offer the body the experience of incorporating each of the oils into a session to release stress.

The Aromatherapy energetic technique begins on the feet, working up the reflex point of the spine, a series of 9 different oils and oil blends are used. Each individual oil has it's unique properties.

When the oils have been applied to both feet, then they are applied to the back. A series of different massage type movements are used on the back during the application of the oils.

This technique would not be appropriate for anyone who is sensitive to scents. If you suffer from Muscular Sclerosis or have a spinal cord injury, please inform Jacqueline. The energy needs to be worked a little differently in these cases with this technique.

This service would not be recommended for someone who is pregnant. Once again, I reiterate that I am a holistic oriented energy worker... not a licensed massage therapist.


Allows the client access to the unlimited potential within themselves. Tapping into the subconscious of the human mind, the goal is to focus the awareness on the desired effects. It is a method used to relax the physical body, give positive suggestions for self improvement, weight loss, gaining confidence, relaxation, meditation, to quit smoking, or to reduce anxiety and stress.

Detoxifying Ionic Foot Baths - help release toxins, inflammation, and heavy metals through the pores of the feet.